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Pepsi championships history

Scholarships Awarded

This tournament annually awards over $50,000 in scholarships. Since it's inception over $1,000,000 in scholarships have been awarded to date.


Tournament Format

Competition is conducted in 12 divisions based on the participant’s age. Bowlers must stay in the given division in that particular league throughout the entire window. Competition begins at league level then advances onto District Level. From District level, they advance onto the State Finals. 



U8 Boys

U8 Girls

U10 Boys

U10 Girls

U12 Boys

U12 Girls

U15 Boys

U15 Girls

U17 Boys

U17 Girls

U20 Boys

U20 Girls


Tournament Format Prior to 2012-2013

The tournament begins with league level qualifying in six different divisions. They are:

  • Age 11 & Under Girls Handicap

  • Age 11 & Under Boys Handicap

  • Age 12 & Above Under Girls Handicap

  • Age 12 & Above Goys Handicap

  • Age 12 & Above Girls Scratch

  • Age 12 & Above Boys Scratch